Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quick Pizzas For Lunch

First things first my husband (and myself) are really in love with the flatout brand of thin crusts and wraps. They are delicious and they have lighter versions. You can usually find them in the deli section of your grocer. The two places I've found them is the commissary and Walmart. 

Another thing, as most know, Liam is picky (like his dad) but pizza is his favorite. Usually I know that if I make him pizza he'll eat it.

We love homemade crust but who wants to roll out dough and spend hours making it all the time. Not I! Here are my favorite go tos for quick lunches. 
Flatout bread

Pita bread (my personal fave) 
Breaded veggies like eggplant, zucchini
Portabella Mushroom 
Pizza grilled cheese 

And nothing fancy goes in to this, just sauce, cheese, and toppings. Done! And everyone is happy. 

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