Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meet Hermy!

The latest craze sweeping the nation, The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition has hit our home. It all began last year when An Elf Story premiered on TV. I really wanted to do it last year, but the boys were 2 and 1. Too young! Blake did understand Christmas a lot better last year and it was a blast. However this year is awesome because he wants to help. He is curious and wants to know WHY for everything. Around October I noticed people pinning Elf on the Shelf ideas and thought to myself, “Omgoodness Blake is going to LOVE this!” There were so many mischievous ideas that I just knew Blake would get a real kick out of. And he absolutely does.Every morning he wakes up and begins searching for his elf! 

When you purchase your Elf on the Shelf the whole family must give him a name. We cannot touch him or he will lose his Christmas magic. Every night he must fly back to the North Pole and report to Santa on their children’s behavior. It really keeps Blake in line when he is whining or having anger issues. I simply say, “Blake, I do not think Santa wants to hear about this later tonight when Hermy flies back to the North Pole.” He almost instantly dries it up. Navigating our elf back to his spot on the shelf has been difficult. It has been difficult to make Blake understand that he cannot touch his elf. So I came up with the idea to pick the elf up with my gloves on to place him back to his designated spot on the fireplace mantle/shelf. 

So without further ado, meet Hermy our elf and experience our first week with him. He is named after the elf on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer who is a misfit because he wants to be a dentist instead of a toy maker. I am going to attempt to update on Hermy once a week and share pictures. 

Enjoy! <3 Danielle

Week 1 with Hermy, Our Elf on the Shelf!  

Hermy decides to show up in the middle of the living room in the back of a Tonka truck. It seems to me he went joy riding the night before.

Hermy and Rex may or may not had a little disagreement. Perhaps Rex is jealous of Hermy?

Or, maybe they are reenacting a scene from Jurassic Park. RAWR!

Buhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh HERMY!

Hang gliding Hermy.

Hermy brought out our Christmas tree while we were sleeping.

I think he wanted us to have some Christmas cheer in our house.

Hermy was watching a Christmas move.

Which made the boys ALSO want to watch the Christmas movie.

Because Elves LOVE syrup!

Hermy tried to make us breakfast one morning. I don't think he realizes humans do not eat Friskies kitty food!
Hermy made a few snowflakes to hang on our windows.

He left extra scissors and paper for Blake and I to make snowflakes. And for Liam to supervise of course.

First day!! 

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