Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Organize Canned Goods in Your Cabinet

I know this isn't a recipe. I figure though, that everything that has anything to do with cooking and the kitchen counts as an adventure. I can't take complete credit for this because I saw it somewhere on pinterest and thought to myself, "Wow! We really need to do this." I am not sure how others did their tutorial but this is how I put my organizers together.

All you need though is:
  1. an empty soda can box
  2. wrapping paper
  3.  tape
  4. scissors
  5. post it notes to remind you what is inside the boxes

I did 3 boxes in one sitting and I would've done more to get out cabinet completely organized but I ran out of boxes. I'll have more soon and show the full BEFORE and AFTER results. I think though, it was a great idea! I really don't know why I never thought about it before. It would work a lot better for smaller cans like Campbell's soups and such.

How I Did It

Fold the box like you would a gift, when you get to the end with the hole you'll need your hand dandy scissors.
Cut two slits on both sides.
Tape wrapping paper down on the inside.
Fold the sides and tape like you would with wrapping a gift.
Then cut the slits on the sides going down until you reach the hole of the box. You can cut a little excess wrapping paper, then fold over and tape to the box.
Cut a slit, and fold that piece down.
Then I added tape right there to keep it from ripping in to a big hole.

Now add cans and such.

Easy peasy!!!!!!

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