Thursday, January 10, 2013

1,2,3, PROUD!

One- I have decided that enough is a enough. I am really going to work with Liam on a few things. Liam just turned 2 in November, he hardly talks, or eats. I think his talking will pick up a lot more once I take his pacifier away. I always give in to him and give it back. It is definitely my fault. I'm bringing out tough mommy for Liam's own good. So, for the past few days I have been taking the beloved paci away until nap time and bedtime. There is a lot of whining and tantrum throwing going on in my house currently. I think he might realize what I am trying to say when I tell him, "No not until bedtime or nap time!" Because tonight I said, "Okay it's bedtime, let's go!" Liam started to walk through the kitchen and turned around, looked at me, and said, "Paci?"

The picky eater battle has begun in our house as well. I am SO tired of Liam not eating ANYTHING. Yesterday I made Liam eat a noodle from some soup. After that I think he realized it wasn't so Bad. But he still won't take initiative to feed it to himself. After 5 bites he was done. it was a big ordeal, lots of crying and such.

For dinner I had to grab his spoon again. This time he willingly opened his mouth when I said, "Ah!" We started off with some macaroni and cheese, then moved on to two small pieces of steamed broccoli, and 1.5 carrot slices. Small progress but that's so much better than nothing.

When I tried to get him to eat his taco tonight, it took awhile. I held it for him and he took 3 or so bites. When he got to the meat, tomato, and lettuce, ... he quit. I gave him some time alone to eat it on his own. Then came back and held it for him. He ate most of it. He ate the parts that had the lettuce and tomato in it. So that's good. :) Hopefully he catches on soon. 

Two- I haven't been doing the best at counting calories and eating well. But I have been trying to fit in work outs. Tonight I shaved off 2 minutes off my 1 mile run/walk. I switch from running to power walking. It will be awesome when one day I can run the whole mile without stopping. After my run I did a few leg and ab work outs. Which was difficult with the boys. I had Liam on my hip while doing leg lefts. When I tried to do my ab workout they jumped on my legs and stomach. At that point I decided it was time to go to bed anyways so I took a break, read the boys (and Travis haha) The Butter Battle Book, and continued my Ab routine afterwards. 

Three- I love my dog! I know that is a weird thing to blog about. But, he is so awesome. Beyond getting in to our trash, barking at random times through the night and early morning, he's great. Anytime the boys get too far out in the yard or start wandering too far away from me Ace (my dog) blocks them. He is usually unsuccessful but it is the thought that counts right? Yesterday when we were outside I ran inside real quick to get something to drink. The boys were playing on their swing set. I was only gone maybe a minute, when I came back out Liam was trying to climb on the double swing. (Which is okay, and he is able to do it alone.) Ace was gently trying to pull him down with his teeth on Liam's belt loop. It was really sweet and super adorable. 

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