Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Very Unlucky Girl

...who is about to lose it.

I really just want a redo for this week.

My car after just 5 days looks like crap!

This happened Sunday from the tire blowing out and the tread coming off? CRAZY!

Today, I hit my first deer. 

I'm so sad.

And exhausted. I have emotional whiplash from this week, excuse my craziness for the next few days...or weeks.

On the plus side, besides rehearsal I had a free day, and I actually made something delicious for dinner, on a whim.

Herb Baked Chicken with Provolone, Topped with Sauteed Cajun Spiced Banana Peppers and Sausage

I wish it was a better picture. Basically I took bonesless skinless chicken, garlic, onion powder, garlic salt, basil, thyme, Old bay Garlic seasoning and parsley, sprinkled on the chicken in a glass baking dish, covered with tin foil, bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. 

While baking I sauteed sliced banana peppers and sausage in a pan with butter and McCormick's Cajun seasoning. 

After 45minutes are over, add sliced provolone on top of the chicken and bake until melted and slightly golden. 

When everything is done, plate it, and top the chicken with the peppers. DELISH! 

A fresh banana pepper invention from  yours truly!!! lol

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