Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweet Snack Comparison

I have been at a weight loss plateau. I haven't lost, but I haven't gained either. These things happen I guess after losing almost 20lbs. Your body becomes accustomed to your work out routine and habits. .( I guess that's why I haven't posted in about a week or so. I haven't tried any new recipes either that would interest anyone so there isthat too. )You have to switch things up at this point which is what I've decided to do full force during the upcoming new week.

I love my elliptical and it really helped me shed that first 20lbs. The other night I was using it and the peddle broke. I really felt like this was a "Jeez you are such a fat @$$ moment" but really it was loose for awhile from the boys crawling and jumping on it. I could fix it easily I am sure. However, now I think it is time to run outside. The elliptical will be something to pull out when I get in to the maintenance stage because I've maintained the weight I am at now with it, but I want to lose not maintain. I need to push myself and go for hardcore runs outside.

There are moments though, when my sweet tooth gets the best for me. I'll eat a piece of chocolate or a sugary snack I KNOW I shouldn't eat, then feel so GUILTY afterwards. Well, here is a guilt-free snack comparison for those moments where that devilish sweet tooth tries to take over.

Crazy, right? Did I mention my boys loved dipping the strawberries in cool whip? Its a versatile snack for the whole family.  5 strawberries are about 18-20 calories, 2 tbsp of fat free cool whip is 15 calories. My sweet tooth was definitely taken care of.

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