Thursday, July 11, 2013

Camping Vacation in North Carolina

Ohmygosh. I really can’t believe I haven’t posted in like a week. I've had my posts written out on my phone for days but it just didn't want to publish. 

First, let me mention that my camping trip was fun with a mixture of miserable. It rained almost the whole time. We left a day early. However we did get a day with about 6 hours of sunlight and we made the most of it. We went hiking, looked at jams and jellies, played games, and played in the pool with the kids. Then it began to rain again and we decided to take the kids bowling. The day before that it rained but we went out to eat for lunch and Big Mike’s in Brevard, NC. I did well, and had a Greek salad with chicken. However, because it rained the whole time I didn’t eat as well as I had originally planned that I would. We had everything planned out where we would be mostly eating whatever we could cook on a campfire, but that was impossible.  I had a lot of processed junk, but this week I am trying to get back on track. Actually today is the first time I really am getting back on trap with keeping up with pictures. Which reminds me, I should mention, I didn’t have time to track my food with my Sparkpeople app or to take pictures to help track.  

Overall, it wasn’t so bad. We had a lot of help with Liam. Sleeping in a tent wouldn’t have been so bad (especially with the air mattress) except it was just so wet and damp in it. My covers felt like they never dried from the first night when I got soak during a storm. Blake loved it but he slept in a cabin with his aunt and cousins the last 2 nights, and in a big tent with his uncle and cousin. He also REALLY liked bowling. So I suppose we will be doing more of that. J He did really well hiking too. We hiked along a trail to triple falls, and he kept up really well. Liam rode on his grandpa’s shoulders for most of the trip and then on mine for the last little stretch. I really wish there were more hiking opportunities as beautiful and neat as the ones in the mountains. We didn’t get a chance to go biking but I really hope that we can go soon.  I think next time we’ll need to rent a cabin too, and then maybe pitch a tent outside. I did have a really great time, and I know it would’ve been a lot better had it not been raining.
As far as eating goes, we just went grocery shopping last night. The days before that after we got home from camping our supplies were low. I had to come up with some off the wall things, which ended up being pretty delicious. I was please. 

Bad things= we lost a goose. Benson. I’m not sure if he just went in to the woods of if something got him. We also lost the baby kitten, and my cat. I think with all the rain and our yard flooding my cat must’ve gotten really worried and ran off. She had her kitten under the house, which was also flooded. We heard it crying when we got home which was pretty late. Travis had to crawl under the house. Apparently the little guy was in a puddle all alone. Travis gave him a bath. We made some pedialytle and milk replacement. But it just wasn’t helping. He was lethargic and not drinking. We made him comfortable and kept trying through the night but he didn’t make it. I haven’t seen my cat since we got home on Saturday so there is no telling where she is. She acts like a wild cat when she is outside.
I’m on my second week of classes. Last week didn’t go so well but it must’ve been from not being able to study.
Good things= My little Liam is saying more sentences.
Day 15:
Honey nut Cheerios with ½ cup milk
Tuna Melt
Cheeseburger pie
Day 16:
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Barbeque Sweet Tea chicken over Hoecakes, Field Peas and Snap over Brown Rice, Fresh Corn
Day 17:
Large Green Apple with Peanut butter
Leftover brown rice with field peas and snaps, 2 hoe cakes
Hardee’s Chicken Sandwich and French fries

Blake Traveling to NC.

Liam traveling to NC

I always look incredibly rough while traveling, or even on vacation in general. I-d-k why.

The horrible weather we had to drive through.

Camp food prep that we didn't get a chance to eat.

Cucumber Salad in a jar= cucumbers, 1 part vinegar, 1 part zesty Italian,little bit of pepper. :)

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