Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuckered out!

The boys and I have had an extremely busy weekend.

So, let’s see.
Friday wasn’t really busy for me, but more productive. The boys had a play date with their cousin and had lunch with Travis’s side of the family. My mother in law came to pick them up so I had a good 2-3 hours to clean, and then relax for a little bit. 
Saturday was fun! My mother in law and I took to boys to Chuckie Cheeses. The boys had a blast but towards the end they started getting hungry and fussy. I think they forgot about food for the 2 hours they were playing. It was a Saturday so the place was super hectic thanks to birthday parties and people’s days off.
We went to the mall for lunch and did a little shopping. Fredrick’s had a pretty good deal going on where bras were $10, I got two after being measured…which by the way, kind of made me sad lol. I guess it’s true when they say that when you are trying to lose weight, your boobs are the first to go. At least I have fancy new bras to put them in. On another note, have you ever taken two toddler boys in to a lingerie store? It is awkward, and a little difficult to manage. The associates were so good though and helpful when talking to Blake. She would ask Blake what the numbers were on the measuring tape and of course in true Blake fashion he has to ask her what her name is and tell her his. Everywhere we go, no matter where it is; Blake does this but especially with cashiers. He is going to be a ladies’ man.
After the mall we headed to a big thrift store where I really racked up in some super cute stuff. My total had to have only been $30 something. My MIL paid, and she also got a few things like some throw pillows and little knick knacks. The total all together was $40 and some change. Here was I got:

1.       Pink jean capris

2.       White J.Crew Shorts

3.       Grey wool Pencil skirt

4.       Blue and white tank top

5.       Brown shirt

6.       White long sleeved button up shirt

7.       Pink Polka dot blouse

8.       Yellow sundress

9.       White sundress with blue flowers

10.   Strapless white dress with black paisley markings

I think that was it from what I can remember. And I tried to make outfits out of my purchases. Which at first was unintentional, I was just grabbing things I liked. When I got home to look at everything and wash it I realized all my stuff matched and went together nicely. Sometimes I really shock myself. The pink jean capris look nice with the brown shirt. The white shorts look good with the blue and white striped tank top or the pink shirt. I matched the pencil skirt with the white shirt while I was there because I have a job interview Thursday and I needed something for it.  Then, obviously the dresses stand alone. They all fit me perfectly; the yellow one is super short though, so I may be wearing my white leggings with it. It is from Forever 21 so, what else could I expect? Needless to say…I’m really excited about everything.  Things were a little tight but I know that once I lose a few inches from my waste it’ll be good. 

Sunday we had some family time with my dad at his house. :) 

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