Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ABC...easy as 123.

I'm working on the alphabet with Blake. He knows the ABC song and how to say his alphabet, but right now we are working on recognition and writing it. Thank goodness for so much free homeschooling information online and google images. So far we have A down, recognizable, and for the most part he can write it.

This week and next we will be working on B! I'll probably start him on B tomorrow. Honestly he had A down after 2 days.

What I did was google imaged Big A and Little A images. The ones that were outlines and able to color in. Day 1 we did big A.

A is for Alligator.

So I had him color in the A green, we cut out a tail and added googly eyes. (Which I got from Dollar Tree, amazing).

After that I drew the big A in the middle of a sheet or paper. Then we went through old magazines and I had him pick out all the BIG A's that he saw. After that we tried to find things that begin with the letter A. (all we found was Avacados and Almonds lol). I cut out the A's for him and he used a glue stick to glue them on the paper. We are still working on cutting but he is getting better. I need a better pair of small scissors for him though. We did this with little a too.

A is for Airplane.

That is what we made the little a in to. :) Then we put everything at the tip top of his wall so that when we're done the top will be lined with all the letters. I'll share better pictures of them later.

We'll work on numbers after letters. He still gets confused about colors from time to time. He knows his basic shapes so that is good! The best thing about learning colors is playing Candyland, I really REALLY believe that helped him learn it faster and better because he wanted to be able to play the game well.

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