Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day!!

I wasn't sure what Travis was getting me this year. This was our first Valentine's day together in 2 years that we got to spend together. All I really knew was that we were going out to dinner. We didn't get the boys anything this year because the grandparents always give candy. But besides that, I think they had a good day. 
Sprinkles with basil, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, and parsley
I left Travis's goodies on the pillow beside his head, while he was sleeping in. I got him a card, a box of chocolate, and a Gamecock badge. I made heart shaped wheat biscuits, heart shaped bacon, and pink scrambled eggs. 9Thankgoodness for Pillsbury because I couldn't imagine doing homemade on such a tight schedule.) I used the artisan crust for the heart shaped pizza, and just worked with it until it was a heart. 
Blake and Liam helping.
Done cooking!
Heart shaped breakfast biscuits.
dark chocolate and peanut butter bon bons. (Recipe coming soon! )
Bacon love!
My Valentine gift, a dozen chocolate covered strawberries.
The say after Valentines day, we are being lazy. And of course everyone has to dog pile on me.
These look a lot more pink in person.
Pepperonis. All I did was stack them together then take kitchen scissors and cut.
In all seriousness, it was delicious.
Cheesy smiles from Blake.
I really like garlic salt and Parmesan cheese on my pizza. :)
Instead of wasting the leftover pieces cut off from the heart pepperonis, I cut them even smaller, put them on the dough, then put 1/2 up tomato sauce on top.

So for our date Travis's mom came over to watch the boys so that we could get go out. We went shopping at the mall, (he bought me a book), ate hibachi and sushi, then went to Walmart for printer ink and a camera for his mom. I thought up the idea to get Travis's mom a little digital camera. She's always taking pictures at every gathering, birthday, ect. with disposable cameras. As we all know disposable cameras do not take the best pictures. It is really the least we can do for all that she does for us. Travis also bought "us" some new bedding that goes with our room better, and new sheets. I think he was more excited about the sheets and what not than I was. It looks a lot better in our room though. 

So yeah! :) I think this was the best Valentine's day in a long, LONG time. Plus I was really in desperate need of a night out too.  Happy Valentine's Day all around!

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