Saturday, September 15, 2012

1.5 Months of Being Gone

Mainly, life had been a bit boring. That is why my last post was in July. I have had a clinical class and it has drained me. I will be so happy when I graduate. I have just one more thing to do and that is my externship. I will start that probably next week, or the following.

My birthday passed, good times. :) I am the big 2-3 with 2 kids and a husband. I was anxious for my birthday because I really have not had a decent birthday since I turned 18 and threw a HUGE party. Well, for my 23rd there was no huge parties and alcohol. But there was food, shopping for clothes, and for books. I got 2 pairs of jeans, a cute dress, and like 4 shirts? Under $100. Then I bought books 1-4 of A Song of Ice and Fire Series.

 I finished A Game of Thrones. I am currently on A Clash of Kings. I really need to see the show.

I also bought the Civil Wars album, Barton Hallow.....amazing voices, amazingly talented. I just love it!

I should mention, not too long ago, I had a craving for cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes but homemade vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I've made them perfect before but they turned out less than perfect this time around, and I ran out of butter. So there is that. I went ahead and baked them and we had a cupcake decorating party. Just the boys and I. Because I had a nice little stock of cookie icing in different colors and crazy amounts of sprinkles. Let the fun begin! 

Blake's OMG we sprinkles face! Too priceless.

Let the decorating begin.

Liam did well with sprinkles. I had to do his icing for him.

I like this mom!

I'm just going to pick up these teeny tiny sprinkles and eat them.

Over joyed Blake.

Mommy's pretty cupcake.

Blake's cupcake...need I say more?

Digging in!

Side tracked.

I had fun decorating too.

fall themed.

Good brother's share sprinkles with each other and let there brother's eat them off their fingers. 

Good times!:) 

I got a new couch/futon for our small living room area next to the dining room table and bar. Love it. 

I'll shall come back tomorrow, promise, and update some more. I think I've posted enough pictures today!

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