Sunday, July 22, 2012

Everybody was kung fooo FIGHTING.....Hiyah!

Kung Pow! Chicken :)  
I've had a realllllllllly nasty craving for this as of late. All Chinese food to be more specific. Especially lo mein noodles! I'm still trying to find one of those recipes I actually like. I have also been searching through kung pao chicken recipes to find healthier alternatives to stay away from the boxed dinner kind that comes with peanuts, sauce, rice, and chiles and bucket fulls of sodium. I have tried making my own sauce and that hasn't worked out for me. I broke down and bought a bottle of kung pao sauce at the grocery store that had a good bit of sodium but about 25 calories per serving. Not too shabby. Instead of breading and frying my chicken first I just chopped it in cubes and cooked it in the pan then added enough of the sauce to coat the chicken. I placed it on some brown rice and served some oriental veggies on the side. The oriental veggies come in frozen form, they are yummy! :) I sprinkled sesame seeds on top of my chicken and voila! A slightly better alternative.

I know!!!! I'm trying to lose weight so I should really stay away from sauces but UGHHHH SAUCES ARE AWESOME! I want to eat food with sauce and still lose weight dernit! I guess we will see how next week goes for me.

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