Monday, June 24, 2013

Day One

I have got to lose this last 20lbs. As I was telling some family recently, I feel really comfortable right now. I'm happy with where I am. I know I've come along way...but I want to be fit and strong. I don't want anything to jiggle- at all!I think that blogging about it EVERY DAY and holding myself accountable through blogging will really help me NOT fall off the band wagon. So on some days there may be more than one post, or super long posts. Bare with me! :)

Today I ate
Breakfast: Egg, Cheese, and Bagel Thin Sandwich.  245 calories.

Lunch: Creamy Caesar Creole Salmon Salad. 338 calories.

Dinner: 2 loaded potato cakes= 222 calories + sauteed summer squash = 265

Snack: Chocolate Pudding 90 calories

Work Out
Nothing serious, just ran after the kids with silly string. Cleaned the truck. Did a lot of heavy cleaning. After all that I was exhausted.

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