Monday, June 3, 2013

Active Week Without Kids

Hubby and I on the top of the Cooper River Bridge

I’d like to think that Travis and I had a really awesome week together without the kids. It was nice to relax and just spend time alone and together. Travis borrowed a mountain bike from his dad and we spent 2 days biking. Day 1 we did 4.2 miles just around our neighborhood and house. Which was super tough because we live on a dirt road, biking through dirt is killer. Travis is a big time pusher which is both annoying and good. I think we should of waiting a day before doing the bridge because my arms and inner thighs were still killing me from the day before. I think we did about 2.4 miles of the bridge on the next day. We basically went to the top and then back down, not all the way across and back. I’d like to state RIGHT NOW that it will be a new goal to build up enough endurance to do the whole thing. 

On the plus side my arms were KILLING me. I could hardly lift them up. This is excellent! Let’s hope that I lose some more inched on my arms. I’ve always been pretty thick. I just really need to tone everything and lose a little bit more weight and I will look how I want. 

Saturday I spent the day getting burnt with one of my oldest friends on Kiawah Island Beachwalker Beach. My sunburn is ridiculous. I'm praying I don't peel and it turns in to a tan.
Originally my mom was suppose to keep the boys a little longer. But turns out she had a lot more going on than she originally thought. Which is okay. We worked it out to where she will be bringing just Blake home. He really needs some one on one time with us. He's been having behavior issues lately with anger and getting so frustrated. I've been trying to find articles and read up on this all night and some more today. I hope some one on one time with mom and dad will do him some good. He hardly ever gets alone time with just us. If we get alone time with anyone it is usually Liam because everyone wants to get Blake overnight because he's older. I'm pretty excited now to spend some alone time with my baby boy. And I REALLY hope we can get all this anger under control and teach him better ways to handle his emotions.

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