Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Years Old, College Graduate (almost), Getting Ready For A New Chapter

My Life as of Lately
I have a whole new appreciation for working moms, seriously. I have been driving from Dorchester to Johns Island for my externship. So my day would start at 6 am, get ready, wake the boys up by 6:30 am, take them to my mother in laws house, then drive to Johns Island, leave there at about 4:30 sometimes a little earlier, pick the boys up around 5:30pm ish give or take, then get home at 6 pm, sometimes earlier, and immediately start cooking dinner and cleaning.  Obviously after that, we eat dinner, the boys go straight to the bath afterwards, and I usually tidy up while they are in the bath.  I then take them out, get them ready for bed, put them to bed and either clean more, collapse, or take a shower and either do homework afterwards or go to bed.
Just, AHHHH. I really hope it isn’t so hectic when I get a job. I am really hoping to get something that isn’t 1.5 hours away, maybe 30 minutes tops. I know when I do start working the boys will need to be in daycare and I will need to feed and dress them in the mornings. Before I just threw them in the car with their Pjs on and my mother in law took care of all that whenever I dropped them off with her. Bless her heart. That woman does so much for us; words cannot explain how thankful and grateful I am for her.
Now that yesterday was my last day, it is time to start applying places. I officially graduate in about 2 weeks! I will hopefully have more time for hobbies and well, LIFE without school. I plan to catch up around my blog and share some family fun times during these holidays. 

Guess who turned 2 on Sunday?
My sweet little Liam, that’s who. I just cannot explain how much I love that little guy. Or even better, how much he drives me crazy. He is absolutely a mix of his father and I, sometimes I feel like he got everything we did NOT want to give him; stubbornness, hard headed, strong willed, picky, and attitude! Now, do not get me wrong, I love my little guy and his brother Blake received these traits as well but they seem to be 100% Liam. However, he can also be super duper goofy, sweet, loving, and cuddly! Blake just now started cuddling with me again after not wanting to since he was a baby and even so, it is always on his terms. Liam will hug me, kiss, and cuddle ALL DAY LONG if I let him. I love it! As long as his basic needs are met and we are chilling at home he is amazing. But if he is over stimulated or frightened, all hell breaks loose.
I just really cannot imagine life without him. I would for sure feel a void where a second child, sibling to Blake should’ve been if we never had Liam. He just completes our family; he completes me, one side of my heart. Two children are very hard to deal with compared to one. However, it makes me work that much harder for them.
 I’ve come such a long way for someone of my age and background who has two children and a husband.

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